Welcome to the new academic year 2018/2019 - Film academy Poland - Cinematography, filmmaking courses in Poland



"I warmly welcome those who lead this extraordinary mission (...). I greet all our wonderful Lecturers, Teachers and Eployees, those who give this Mission the proper Content and stay on course" - this is how Magdalena Felis the school ambassador in the film industry began the meeting, welcoming also Special Guests: Deputy Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Wiesław Raboszuk, Plenipotentiary of Warsaw for Cultural Education Anna Michalak-Pawłowska, Chairman of the Council of Warsaw Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska, Deputy Mayor of the Żoliborz District Grzegorz Hlebowicz and the Director of the Masovian Unit for the Implementation of EU Programmes by Mariusz Frankowski.

Warsaw Film School – the first and the only film school complex in Poland with its own cinema

Welcoming Students and Auditors, the Magdalena Felis performing Inauguration Gala emphasized:  “Warsaw Film School is the school of the future and draws into the future - where new technologies are developed, where the market flourishes, where the spectator awaits. Warsaw Film School is also the first and only film school complex in Poland with its own cinema, which teaches the widely-understood film culture from the earliest stages of education all the way to the diploma. We believe that to cultivate cinema you need to grow into it, breathe it in and have it deep within the bloodstream."

250 etudes produced annually, 158 lecturers, 28 nationalities among Students

"The school is developing, growing and constantly being filled up. There are more of us and we are talked about a lot. Our students' films travel to festivals on every continent, including Tokyo, San Francisco, Toronto, New Orleans, Cape Town and Berlin. They also qualify for the competition sections of all major Polish film festivals. Warsaw Film School is also impressive in numbers: 250 etudes produced annually, 158 lecturers, 28 nationalities among Students, 9 fields of undergraduate studies, 6 schools within one complex, one own cinema with stage and one school dog "- she added.

Rector professor Janusz Majewski: You will never stop thinking about your films

"I wish all the newly admitted and those who are still with us - good luck. I wish you creative ideas, enthusiasm for work, and I remind you: you have exposed yourselves and put in great danger. Those who will be bitten by this bug will swallow it for their whole lives. It affects your private life, your families – by the way you have my sympathies. There will be no holidays anymore, there will be no more free moments - you will never stop thinking about your movies. I am speaking, of course, from experience."

"My beloved, I am so glad that I see you here. I am glad that you are here and that there are so many of you. Finally, I can say something that I have always said timidly, and now I speak more and more boldly: learn, because you are in good hands "- emphasized the co-founder of the University, Bogusław Linda during the Inauguration. 


I can only wish you that from the moment you start learning in this School, you want to change this world for the better, and we will try to help you

"Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen! (...) I wanted to tell you many serious and less serious things. About what we will teach you, how to be an artist, about a film world. But as I began to consider what to tell you, it turned out that all this had been said a long time ago. And by people smarter than me "- said Chancellor Maciej Ślesicki, quoting, among others, Woody Allen, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Michelangelo and Steve Jobs.
"I can only wish you, that from the moment you start learning in this School, you want to change this world for the better, and we will try to help you. But do not rely on us giving you some wonderful recipes - just do it. We will teach you many wonderful things here. But how to be a great artist we will not teach you, because it is impossible to teach and it cannot be learned. We can, however, show you the way" emphasized the Chancellor. As the most important things in gaining knowledge mentioning, among others, simplicity, truth and constant search for inspiration. "It's impossible to make movies well, create computer games, edit or light without knowing how others do it," he added. "A director is the one who tells stories through the filter of his own life. And I know that sometimes you are too young, but that is what Film Schools and inspirations are for, that is your teachers and the real life around you are for. Reach for what surrounds you and you will succeed" the Chancellor said during the Inauguration. 
Acting Diplomas were also solemnly presented during the Inauguration of the Academic Year. The official part ended with the screening of “Fame”, directed by Alan Parker in 1980.



After the ceremony at the Elektronik Cinema, guests and hosts of the integration event moved to the club Loft 44, where a successful evening continued in a great atmosphere of fun.
The official ceremony at the Elektronik Cinema was followed by the integration event held at the club Loft 44, where guests and hosts continued a successful evening in great atmosphere of fun.