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Krzysztof Zanussi joins international BA faculty

Mr Zanussi will host lectures discussing the art of cinema, and sharing his experience from a career spanning over six decades. [READ MORE]

Toast in competition at Palm Springs ShortFest

Tale of love and secrets from BA in film directing Filip Hillesland will screen at the festival this week. [READ MORE]

Application form for courses starting October 2016 is now open

For candidates applying to the 3-year international BA with specialisation in Film Directing, Cinematography or Video Games Design & Production.


"The Meet" in competition at T-Mobile New Horizons

Ina Hrabrenka's second short joins one of the largest international festivals in Poland. [READ MORE]

Open day 2016: film, games, music and lounging in the sun

Find out how to jump start your creative career at the WFS on ‪Saturday‬, May 14th. [READ MORE]

WFS rector Janusz Majewski to receive Platinum Lions

Largest festival of Polish film to honour the director with life-time achievement award. [READ MORE]

USC lecturer, Linda Brown is our guest with her film

This week we are hosting the head of cinematography of USC Cinematic Arts for a series of workshops and screenings. [READ MORE]

Make your adventure. BA course in Video Games

New international BA specialisation dedicated to visual story telling through video games and interactive forms starts in October 2016. [READ MORE]

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Warsaw Film School Students' successes! [READ MORE]


Tomasz Śliwiński, Warsaw Film School student nominated for an Oscar!